Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

BlizzCon 2015 – ‘Til Next Time!

We’ve just closed the curtain on BlizzCon 2015—thanks to all the attendees everyone watching from around the world for joining us and helping make this another awesome convention! If you happened to miss anything, or are just looking to relive some of the action, check out this list of major announcements below.

World of Warcraft: Legion Opening Cinematic

The League of Explorers - A Hearthstone Adventure

Overwatch Origins Edition

Heroes of the Storm - New Heroes and Battleground Announced

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - The Future of StarCraft

Diablo III - Patch 2.4.0

The Warcraft Movie Trailer

Congratulations to all of the winners of the this year’s esports World Championships for StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone, and thanks to all of the competitors for giving us plenty to cheer for on the Road to BlizzCon.

Thanks as well to all of our BlizzCon costume and talent contest competitors for sharing their truly legendary skills; to all of our amazing hosts and casters for guiding everyone through two days of Blizzard madness; and to Linkin Park for closing things out the best way possible—with an epic, awesome rock show.

And last but certainly not least: thanks to all of you in the Blizzard community for your boundless passion and support. We wouldn’t have BlizzCon without you!

‘Til next time,

Your friends at Blizzard Entertainment

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