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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

BlizzCon 2007: Live Contest Winners

After witnessing all the choreographed dance moves, Murloc-mimicking, and creative costume pageantry, the cream of the crop has been justly rewarded. In addition, the many colorful entrants in the Costume Contest have been captured for posterity in a
special gallery. Congratulations to the winners of the dance, sound-alike, and costume contests for BlizzCon 2007!

Dance Contest

  • First Place: Alexander Gross – Male Blood Elf
  • Runners-up: Susan Curtis – Female Blood Elf; Fryda Wolf – Female Blood Elf

Sound-alike Contest

  • First Place: Robert Liden – Blood Mage, Warcraft III
  • Runners-up: Clayton Hales – Lysander, Diablo II; Nik Harper – Dryad, Warcraft III; Paul Barbour – Troll, World of Warcraft

Costume Contest:

  • First Place: Amanda Hosler – Warlock in Tier 6, Warcraft
  • Second Place: Brian Carl – Ghost, Starcraft; Kellie Stanton – Moonkin, Warcraft; Heather Otterson – Assassin, Diablo
  • Runners-up: Marissa Morris – Lady Vashj; Holly Conrad – Undead Warlock in Tier 5; James Christian – Paladin in Tier 2; Hye Young Lee – Warlock in Tier 5; Lance Ikegawa – Son of Arugal; Walter Keenlyside – Paladin with Hammer of the Naaru

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