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Blizzard at DreamHack — Coverage

Dreamhack has closed its door for now, but the impressions will linger for a long time still. Those watching – or participating in – the grand final of the Extreme Masters 3v3 Arena tournament between Team Pandemic and MoB Turtle Force will remember an exciting battle resulting in Team Pandemic emerging victorious after the maximum possible ten games.

In the World of Warcraft leveling tournament, we saw a tight race between several contestants who went beyond level 5 in less than 20 minutes. Zax from Warstomped won the tournament with his Dwarf Paladin reaching level 5 and 831 XP, followed by two Rogues – Blood Elf and Night Elf, in that order.

Many players also joined us for some trading card game fun the last evening and early morning, learning the game and/or playing against Blizzard members for fun and prizes.

We hope everybody else at Dreamhack enjoyed it as much as we did, and look forward to meet up with players, fan sites and others at the next live event. Maybe we’ll even see some of you at a future Darkmoon Faire.

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