Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Blizzard at DreamHack

Dreamhack Winter 2007 has opened, and with more than 8000 participants and their computers in place it’s time for action.

The Intel Extreme Masters Arena tournament with 8 top ranked World of Warcraft teams is underway. You can follow the results on the Extreme Masters Dreamhack page and see the matches live on ESL TV.

The finals of the World of Warcraft levelling contest at Dreamhack will take place on Saturday evening. For details including how to sign up for this contest, please check the levelling contest thread on the Community Events and News forum.

For additional information, including chances to try your World of Warcraft trading card game deck against one of Blizzard’s decks, keep an eye on the Blizzard at Dreamhack thread.

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