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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Battle.net Mobile Authenticator for Android Mobile Devices

Battle.net Mobile Authenticator Now Available for Android Mobile Devices
We're pleased to announce that the Battle.net Mobile Authenticator, an application for mobile phones that provides an extra layer of account security, is now available as a free download for Android mobile devices on Android Market. The Battle.net Mobile Authenticator provides a one-time password that you use in addition to your regular account name and password to log in to a Battle.net account and any associated World of Warcraft accounts.

Versions for other mobile devices are also available for download here, or you can purchase a physical Battle.net Authenticator from the online Blizzard Store. Visit the Android Battle.net Mobile Authenticator FAQ for more information, or head to the setup page to get started after you've downloaded the application. For additional account security advice, visit our recently released Account Security page.

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