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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Artcraft—Dem Trolls, Mon


Hey again—Chris Robinson here with a new Artcraft, and today we’re showing off the female and male Troll models. We’re wrapping up work on both of their models, and we thought it’d be cool for you to see them side-by-side. Showing both genders together gives you a more cohesive visual story and a more complete picture of the Trolls’ character, who they are, and where they come from.


One of the unique challenges for the Troll models were their tusks. In the character customization options, you have the ability to select from a number of tusk “styles.” While other race models (like the Tauren) have similar customization options, the additional modeling, texturing, and animation articulation of the Troll face—and mouth especially—made this a distinctive challenge. We actually had to model the Troll with a flat lower lip; then, for each facial customization option, we went in and posed their lips to naturally wrap around each tusk option.


We hope you enjoyed this quick look at the male and female Trolls, and we’ll see you in the next Artcraft!


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