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Armory Updates: Guild Banks, Patch 2.3, and More

Corresponding with the release of Patch 2.3 for World of Warcraft, the Armory has been updated to reflect the many in-game changes and additions. Here are some of the notable features of this Armory update:

New Login-Protected Feature: Guild Banks

Locate items easily with coordinatesBank TabsItem Filters

Guild members can view their Guild Bank contents and transaction logs on the first login-protected area of the Armory. The new Guild Bank pages require you to log in with your World of Warcraft account to access them. You must also have been granted the appropriate Guild Bank permissions by your guildmaster to view these pages. Find out more at our Login and Guild FAQs.

Patch 2.3 Item Changes and Additions

The many new items included in the patch (including new Badge of Justice rewards) have been added to the Item Database, and existing items have had their tooltips updated to reflect the additions of Expertise Rating as well as the bonus spell damage derived from bonus healing effects.

And More…

You’ll also find many miscellaneous improvements in this update, from the addition of Guild Tabards to all Guild pages, to the appearance of Guild Message of the Day and Guild Information messages on the Guild Bank pages (login required), and the placement of new character titles in Character and Team Profiles.

We hope you enjoy these additions. As always, check the Updates page for details on the latest additions and refinements to the Armory.

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