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All the World’s a Stage: Hallow’s End and you

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This week on All the World’s a Stage, Michael Gray fills in to talk about how you can use Hallow’s End specifically for your character. David Bower will be back next week to tackle “So you want to be a Blood Elf.”

Maybe more than any other Azeroth holiday, Hallow’s End celebrates a significant event in the history of our characters. According to the offical community site, Hallow’s End is Azeroth’s celebration of the Forsaken‘s break from the Scourge. (Personally, this makes me even more happy that we got the new model for Sylvanas in the recent content patch.)

The story of how the Forsaken broke free is certainly significant. But the fact alone that both the Horde and Alliance do celebrate this break is even more meaningful. Let’s take a look at some of the impacts it can have for classes and races … behind the cut.

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