Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Mila Kunis <3 World Of Warcraft

While promoting the Max Payne movie last week, actor and Macauly Culkin friend Mila Kunis totally geeked out over World of Warcraft on talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Kunis told Kimmel that she had to quit a year ago because she was too into the game. According to Mila:

The problem is, if anyone plays Warcraft … I’m really good, I’m a really kick ass Mage … We’ll you’re your own person and you can get into a guild… You gotta be in a guild, because you gotta do raids that require thirty or forty people. But now with the expansion pack, they’re gonna have raids that require only like ten people. So that’ll really make things a lot easier … Oh my god, it’s such a good game. I love it.

She seems up-to-date for someone who quit a year ago. Every time she tries to get out, they pull her back in.


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