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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Millionaire

Weekend Deal: Gift World Of Warcraft For Only $5

Get your holiday shopping done early and give the gift of Warcraft for only $5. In celebration of WoW's five year anniversary, we're making both the boxed version and the digital version of World of Warcraft available for $5 this weekend only when you purchase through the Blizzard Online Store. We’ll also be making the World of Warcraft Battle Chest available for only $19.99 (this is sold only as a physical box). Click here for more details.

Exclusive Pandaren Brewmaster Figure Now On Sale

You've probably run into his empty keg in your travels through the Barrens - now you can own a collectible action figure of Azeroth's most renowned pandaren wanderer. Capturing the spirit (and spirits) of Chen Stormstout, the Pandaren Brewmaster Deluxe Action Figure is a limited-edition, premium-sculpted piece that stands at a colossal 8 inches and features Chen's signature bamboo bo staff and brewmaster's keg. The Pandaren Brewmaster Action Figure is available in limited quantities and can be ordered exclusively through the online Blizzard Store. Head over there today to order one for the budding Brewmaster in your life.

Blizzard Shop Talk: A Warcraft Celebration

As always, we appreciate when our players take the time to check out the information we’re providing about World of Warcraft, which is now entering its sixth year. In this edition of Shop Talk we’re letting the masterminds behind the Warcraft universe reflect upon their campaign to make the best games possible, and we’re also taking a look at World of Warcraft’s future. Here’s to five years of memories, along with many more years of great experiences yet to be forged. Most importantly, here’s to you, all of the gamers around the world who have enjoyed World of Warcraft and made all the work that goes into it worthwhile.

World of Warcraft 5-Year Anniversary Celebration Begins!

The World of Warcraft five-year anniversary celebration is now officially underway! To mark this special occasion, any character that logs into the game between now and Sunday, December 6 at 11:59 p.m. (realm time) will receive their very own Onyxian Whelpling non-combat pet, along with a special message from the development team. We have more World of Warcraft 5-year and Warcraft 15-year anniversary festivities coming soon, so be sure to keep your eye on the official website. Thanks for being part of the adventure, and we look forward to many more whelps and great memories in the years ahead.

World of Warcraft Turns 5 and Warcraft Turns 15

Over the past 15 years, a lot has changed in Azeroth. Valiant heroes have travelled the length and breadth of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, taken wing in Outland to free the Black Temple from Illidan's clutches, and set sail for Northrend to battle the mighty Lich King. Whether you've been part of the adventure from the beginning or are just getting started now, we're glad to have you with us for the five-year anniversary of World of Warcraft and the 15-year anniversary of the Warcraft series.

To commemorate these milestones, we've just launched the Warcraft anniversary website. There you’ll find video interviews featuring personal anecdotes from some of the shapers of Warcraft, as well as the Battlecry Mosaic where you can show off your faction pride. Visit the anniversary site now!

Second World of Warcraft TV Commercial Launches

Mr. T continues his crusade to make the World of Warcraft look "goooood" in another new TV commercial which begins airing nationally this week.

See it first at the World of Warcraft YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/warcraft.

New Holiday: Pilgrim’s Bounty!

Come celebrate Pilgrim's Bounty with us! It's a time for reflecting on your journeys and good fortune, sharing plentiful food and stories with friends. This holiday is also great for leveling up your cooking skills with daily quests to improve your craft. Pilgrim’s Bounty runs from November 22-28th -- be sure to check your in-game calendar for exact times. To learn more about the holiday, go to our new Pilgrim's Bounty page.

Bosstiary: The Frozen Halls

They say that knowledge can be a greater boon than even the most powerful spells, or armor, or weapons. The battles that lie ahead beyond the gates of Icecrown will test your mettle like none before, and you will need all the help you can get. So arm yourself with knowledge, and discover the truth about the dangers that await you within the Frozen Halls in our new Icecrown Dungeon Bosstiary.

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