Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Quel’Delar: The Sister Blade

In ages past the great Dragon Aspects worked alongside the night elves to forge powerful prismatic blades that could be used to thwart any evil that came into the world. One of these weapons, Quel’Serrar, was recently unearthed. Another will soon be found…

In the upcoming content patch the sister blade, Quel’Delar, will be obtainable by players. If you want to know more,
take a glimpse into this weapon’s tragic past and where the quest to re-forge it will begin.

BlizzCast #11: BlizzCon 2009 in Review

In our eleventh episode of BlizzCast, we have a roundtable discussion with members of the community team to recap the major happenings, announcements, and other highlights of this year’s BlizzCon. Join our discussion as we relive some of our favorite moments from the show.

Listen to BlizzCast #11 now!

New Dungeon System

In the upcoming content patch, a new dungeon system will be added that will take the place of the current Looking For Group system. This will offer great new benefits to both premade and randomly created groups, including:

  • Cross-Realm Instances/Grouping
  • Instance Teleporting
  • Daily Random Dungeons
  • Group Disenchanting

And much more. Learn more on our new dungeon system preview page.

Race Change Now Available

The new World of Warcraft Race Change service is now live. After purchasing a Race Change for a character, a player can choose any race of their same faction that is compatible with the character’s current class. For more information on the Race Change service, please read the
FAQ, or visit the Race Change page to get started.

World of Warcraft Comic #24 Sneak Peek

As the new Council of Tirisfal recruits its final member, a battle rages in Theramore. In the chaos of the fight, can Me’dan, aided by his growing knowledge of his parentage and true powers, save his friends and claim his destiny?

Check out the preview pages. If you like what you see, you can visit Wildstorm for more information,
locate a comic store today, or
subscribe to the series directly.

Tankard O’ Terror Screenshot Contest Winners

Brewfest has come and gone — but even if you have no recollection of what transpired, the memories will live on in your Brew of the Month Club membership…and the winning pictures in our Tankard O’ Terror Screenshot Contest!

Congrats to our five winners: Ghist, Hallbjörn, Rychuss, Onivroc, and Gildas. Their keen eye for capturing ale-related revelry has earned each of them a genuine Tankard O’ Terror replica mug from Taverncraft. Check out the winning entries and honorable mentions here.

Screenshot Gallery Update: Trading Card Game

We’ve updated our Trading Card Game screenshot gallery with 11 of the best player submissions from World of Warcraft: The Trading Card Game. As always, if you’d like to contribute to our galleries, please submit your screenshots. You can view all of our screenshot galleries

New World of Warcraft Licensed Collectibles

Windlass Studios has just introduced a new line of licensed collectibles inspired by World of Warcraft.

The first products of this line are Horde and Alliance-themed tabards and banners, each custom dyed and embroidered with iconic symbols and heraldry from the game. A full-sized latex rubber replica of the runeblade Frostmourne is also coming soon, and other products are in development as well. Check out the new collectibles at the Windlass Studios website.

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