Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Millionaire

The Brood Mother Returns

World of Warcraft Minis Deluxe Edition

If you’re intrigued by the new World of Warcraft miniatures game or are looking for a gift for someone
you think might enjoy it, then check out the just-released Deluxe Edition. It offers everything two
people need to play, and features two 3-figure parties from the playable factions (Alliance, Horde, or
Monster), as well as matching gameplay bases, one of three different deluxe game boards with moveable
terrain pieces (Ashenvale, Tanaris, or Winterspring), and a World of Warcraft TCG preview pack. For
more information about the Deluxe Edition and other World of Warcraft Miniatures Game products,
head to !

New World of Warcraft TV Commercials

Ozzy Osbourne’s been the Prince of Darkness since 1979 — too bad Arthas is poised to steal the throne. In a series of nationally televised ads, Ozzy and Steve van Zandt want to know: “What’s your #!@? Game?” Check the spots out here before they hit the airwaves and be sure to press the “Watch in High Quality” option (bottom right of the picture) for the best results:

Wrath of the Lich King Online Upgrade Now Available

You can now buy account-upgrade keys and download the game client for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
directly through the account-management section of www.worldofwarcraft.com. The direct online upgrade method is
the most convenient way to upgrade to Wrath of the Lich King and join the millions of players who are already
adventuring in Northrend.

All you need to do is:

That’s it! If you haven’t upgraded your account yet, now’s your chance to take your World of Warcraft experience to the next level, whenever you want.