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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

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Cast of The Guild Live at BlizzCon

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As we head into BlizzCon, we’ll also have live coverage and provide a spot to talk about news as it happens in real time. Be sure to check it out for contests and more over the next week.
Do you plan to watch the DIRECTV or ? We’ll be Twittering live at the event and looking for your tweets!
Things won’t end there, and we’re looking for you to help us reach a twittercal mass on our new Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo Twitter communities.

Crusaders’ Coliseum and Isle of Conquest Q&A

We’ve gathered questions from players around the world about our latest 5-, 10-, and 25-player content found in the , as well as our new 40 vs. 40-player Battleground coming in patch 3.2,
. Members of our World of Warcraft development team have stepped up to answer your questions, so don’t miss what we have to share with you.

Read the full .

World of Warcraft Comic Contest Winner

And the comic contest winner for July, 2009, is…
! Congratulations! Winners selected from submissions will receive three volumes of Blizzard Entertainment manga, and will be considered by for contributions to upcoming volumes of both Warcraft: Legends and StarCraft: Frontline. Stop by each week to see a new comic
from the contest. Also, check out all of the

Blizzard Entertainment Shop Talk — 3.2 in Review

After a number of patch 3.2 content previews, nearly a full round of our class Q&A series, and weeks of public testing for this patch, we’d like to provide you with a convenient, comprehensive list of the information we’ve been sharing. Let’s enjoy a walk together down memory lane as we wait to sink our teeth into patch 3.2, Call of the Crusade.

Whether you seek information about the , , , or our developers’ take on the
, or you want to peek at the , search no further than our updated .

Still have questions about the Isle of Conquest or the Crusaders’ Coliseum? Well members of our development staff were kind enough to take some time to answer frequently-asked questions submitted by players on our forums worldwide. .

We’ve just about wrapped up our where we answered some of the most common questions asked by the community. We’ve received a great amount of feedback thus far about the Q&As we’ve posted. If you have yet to take a look, you can find answers to a great many questions about , , , , , , and . Stay tuned for the priest and rogue Q&As coming next week and, don’t be afraid to head over to our and to discuss all of the class information we’ve been sharing.

Many players have been asking about whether or not they’ll still have a shot at obtaining the special mounts offered through the normal and Heroic Glory of the Ulduar Raider meta-achievements when patch 3.2 rears its head. We have .

We’re making a change to the way instance locks work to allow players to progress through content at a pace more of their choosing. Read about it .

We’re revamping the emblem system a great deal in patch 3.2 to give players more incentive to continue plunging through the raids and dungeons Wrath of the Lich King has to offer. .

Patch 3.2 introduces ambitious new means through which players can now gain experience by participating in Battlegrounds. While this is covered in our , we welcome players to join in on the discussion on our forums .

With World of Warcraft ever-expanding, level 60 just isn’t what it used to be. For this reason we’ve eased the burden of obtaining mounts and are giving players at lower levels a chance for some sweet rides.

It’s time to take professions to the next level, beginning with epic gems. Read more about it all

Shamans will have a few new tricks up their sleeves when it comes to dropping totems come patch 3.2. Check out the new interface and spell functionality surrounding totems. .

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out the complete overhaul given to cat and bear forms, along with the five different color options available, you’re probably wondering how to go about selecting the set of cat and bear forms that best suits you. Whether you’re a tauren or a night elf, a simple visit to the barber shop will do the trick, and we have a breakdown of color associations .

The testing taking place on our public test realms is invaluable. If you haven’t checked out some of the information being shared on the , you may want to have a look. We’ve also sent our 3.2.0 PTR patch notes through several revisions. You can review the notes and a summarized history of the changes made to them .

BlizzCon 2009 Internet Stream Rebroadcasts Planned

In addition to the live Pay Per View Internet stream of BlizzCon 2009, rebroadcasts will be available for those who tune in after the show has begun. Rebroadcasts will be available during and directly following the show, giving viewers the control to watch BlizzCon at their convenience. Access to the rebroadcasts is included with the purchase of access to the Internet stream at no additional charge.

Don’t miss out; visit for more information on the Internet stream.

BlizzCon Tournament Coverage Streaming

We are pleased to announce that this year, for the first time, all of our streaming tournament coverage for BlizzCon will be available in both high-resolution and low-resolution formats, and you can choose whichever fits your available bandwidth. will host one stream featuring StarCraft and Warcraft III events and another dedicated to World of Warcraft. As in previous years, all of this streaming tournament coverage will be provided free of charge. Be sure to tune in to find out which teams and players are the best in the world by visiting the on August 21 and 22.

To clarify, the tournament coverage streams are free, but to watch panels, see new announcements as they are made, or receive the in-game pet, you will need to order the .

Class Q&A Series: Druid

Today we continue our class Q&A series with the development team, in which we’re taking a look at each class and answering some of the top questions brought forward by their communities. Next up, we explore the most asked questions from the druid class and find out more about the design philosophy and expectations for the class, as well as what may lie in store for it in the future.

Be sure to read the .

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